Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Developing study skills

About a month ago I took a test called VARK which identified my preferred learning style. The results came back with a mild visual learning preference which means I understand visual learning easier and more efficiently than what I do with listening, reading and writing and doing practical work.

The different learning styles I used to create activities for my studies were, presenting diagrams which made it easier for me to understand and make an interpretation on the correct context and information. I also emphasized important words or different sentences or bits of information in my work, such as; highlighting and using different colours to underline necessary information.


My strength is taking information in quickly this helps me in my studies as I can get straight into an activity and don’t have to wait around until it is repeated again.



My weakness is I feel like I need reassurance when completing tasks. This is important within the accountancy role as everything has to be finalized and correct. I would improve this by believing in myself more as majority of the time I am correct but doubt myself.

The only problems I have struggled in the course is revising for computerized accounts as it is all computer based on a certain software and unable to access from home. Therefore everything had to be completed in lesson and done correctly as we couldn’t access It from home and by the next lesson we was on something different.  

When we did a Patrice paper in book keeping we hit some tough questions a few of us worked collaboratively to get through the questions. Each person described how they would approach the question and each person listened and together we would find a suitable way for all of us to hack the question head on.

I could use my learning journal or other resources to help me in the future by posting them on my blog which allows you to go back in and access the things you posted enabling you to remember what you did there and then if It ever came up again  in the future you could access this information.

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  1. This post was a good reflection of your learning this term, Riona. Like many of us, your strengths relate to your weaknesses. In your case, you are confident but need re-assurance. Your goal then is to find a balance between the two!

    Your writing is clear and enjoyable to read - perhaps a bit more careful proofreading needed to check for typos ;)

    Now that you have put the labels gadget on the sidebar you will be able to find things in this learning journal more easily, and can use it as a place to record notes as well as demonstrating how your learning is developing over time.

    Well done!